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Permanent Marker - An incredibly large permanent marker with an aluminum casing. The instructions say to make sure there's adequate ventilation before use.
Facial Scrub - A luxurious pink salt scrub. It'll purge your negative ions and leave your skin shiny and beautiful. There seems to be a scoop taken out of it but otherwise it looks unused.

VHS Tapes - A stack of VHS tapes, each marked with batches of two to three episodes of... who knows what, since you won't be able to play them in here. I mean, really?

Swim Floaty - A giant swim floaty in the shape of a... fish? Unlike modern flotation devices it's made of oiled fabric instead of plastic. It's surprisingly soft.
Now deflated.

Vodka - A bottle of vodka. This one is flavored like Cinnamon Churros. Drank.

Equestrian Outfit
- A heavy equestrian outfit, including breeches, a white dress shirt, gloves, boots and a thick dark purple riding jacket. Oh, and a cravat, for the distinguished gentleman. The coat was loaned to Bolton

Ghost Beast Shirt - A white t-shirt depicting a cyan Ghost Beast from the hit webcomic PROBLEM SLEUTH. It looks about the right size for a teen girl. Returned to Jane

Lubricated Sleeves - A box of fifty lubricated condoms in randomized colors and flavors. If you want to get ecstatic, use a prophylactic!

Clown Painting - A painting of a clown. The work is so impeccable, it's almost lifelike.


A speedo- in black, gold and magenta.

Arm spreader cuffs. No key.

A set of armor. While the gauntlets and grieves are set out like they have been used often, the rest of the set is largely unused.

A pair of inflatable water wings-  Colored black,magenta and gold like so many other things Xander has received.


A sketchbook - The sketchbook Xander has kept since the second week. It is full of secrets. And cat doodles.

Three paintings - A set of paintings Xander himself did. They are not especially skilled, but not cringe inducing either. One (1) of a Nohrian forest. One (1) of landscape from Jamie's 'class' and  One (1) of Laslow and Peri.

A clown painting - It is clearly different from the other clown painting in Xander's room. In fact, it is on canvas identical to the canvas in the art room, and the style is very different. Stolen from the Clown Room.

Engagement Necklace- A silver and glass necklace that is crafted to look like Cocoon. Belongs to Lightning's sister. Given to Xander by Yurika.
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Champion Paladin
Support Rank: -
"I'm not sure how, but I seem to have ended up playing organizer for this group. I will never fully make up for the things I've done to you all. But what life I have left will be spent trying to live up to the trust you have put in me."

Seth Twiright
Champion Serpent
Support Rank: B
"A pragmatic man, though he seems to enjoy this too much. His magic dips into some dark territory, but I am not one to judge anyone for darkness.

The world he comes from is apparently an awful place. They say 'Spoiled ground gives rise to twisted sprouts', but I know that's a lie: otherwise there'd be no hope for my own people.

He had me utterly fooled."

Angelica Ainsworth
Champion of Counterfeits
Support Rank: C
"There's a brutal distance to her. I just hope she doesn't use my embarrassment in the showers against me later.
She trusted the one person she shouldn't have."

Chitanda Eru
Champion of Curiosity
Support Rank: C
"A sweet girl, and very clever. I am apparently now her 'Secretary'... she reminds me of Elise, so I can't help but indulge her. I'm so sorry, Chitanda."

Lightning Farron
Champion Sister
Support Rank: S
"A fellow solider, who also seems to value family above all else. She's amazing in battle, and I would love to get to fight her fully armed. Still, I'm starting to wonder if she might be more easily embarrassed then she likes to let on.

I betrayed her deeply at McBurn's trial, and in her grace she has decided to forgive me. For that she has my unwavering support. And...

She has given me a kind of joy I know will only hurt us both at the end. Yet I can't deny it to myself- I only want to devour as much of this as I can while I have it. Does that make me greedy? Selfish? If so, at least we are selfish together. If I can only succeed in one thing here, let it be her survival and happiness.

I will see you again one day Light, but not today. You have given me hope that life can exist beyond duty. Please, wait for me."

Kurumi Ebisuzawa
Champion of Inoculation
Support Rank: A
"Aggressive, but good-natured. I fear something awful has happened to her realm- it would explain why she is so aware of where everyone is at any time. Her little scuffle with Frederica was good for her in the end, I think. She seems like someone that needs someone to need her.

Her impulsive nature gets her into trouble sometimes, but it also is what we need. She deserves more then the world has given her.

This place broke her in the end. I should hate her for causing Lightning to do what she did- but that would both cheapen Light's choice and not be fair to Kurumi. She did what she felt she had to do, just like we have."

Champion Weapons Engineer
Support Rank: C
"I can appreciate his enthusiasm at least, and his knowledge of technology is both valuable and easily shared. I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing."

The Doctor
Champion of Earth
Support Rank: A
"Seems to be keeping up a good humor at least, and while we might use different terms I feel his knowledge will be vital.

If not for him I feel we'd be even more floundering during trials.

He's clearly done something he can not forgive himself for- and I fear it is similar to my own sins multiplied by the vastness of space. Considering that possibility, the fact that he is still such a good man gives me hope for myself.

He trusted me with his secret- and I was right. But I also had no idea of the scope. My own understanding of the universe is so shallow, I realize now.

When I needed him most he trusted me- I can never thank him enough for that."

Champion Inferno
Support Rank: B
"Eager to fight- something we need right now. Though it will be useless if he he gets himself killed doing something reckless. He's more intuitive then he seems at first.

An amazing fighter, and straight forward. If he was from my realm I would ask him to be my retainer- he's not any lazier then Peri and Laslow can be.

I think, in his way, he made the right choice. There was no way we could have stopped him. But still, this place is lesser for his loss."

Rukia Kuchiki
Champion of Winter
Support Rank: B
"Another solider, I can tell. Has an affection for rabbits. Also likes to tease once you get her going.

Regardless, she is very sympathetic and kind in her way as well. Since she is apparently a spirit of death in her Realm, she has taken care of our grief in these troubling times.

Her death was unfair and cruel. But in the end she accepted it with dignity."

Sadie Swenson
Champion of Detachment
Support Rank: C
"Well, isn't she a snippy one? Apparently her hair isn't naturally blonde- and I think she notices more then we give her credit for.

We learned something valuable from her stubborness. I can't say if I could have kept tearing into myself like she did."

Frederica Irving
Champion of Suspended Animation
Support Rank: A
"A silly girl, but in a way that's charming. I'm glad to see her and Kurumi getting along. I had a lot of fun playing games with her.

Her charm and kind nature helps us all keep up our spirits, and for that I thank her.
She didn't deserve this, but I hope she can forgive Kurumi in the afterlife."

Jane Crocker
Champion Heiress
Support Rank: A+
"Possibly a fellow Royal? She seems to have a good eye for detail, and note taking. I can appreciate that. She has a good investigative sense- Chitanda chose well in setting up their group- but she can be brutal in her sense of humor!

There's a pain in her heart that is getting harder and harder for her to hide. This place eats at us all but I'm... afraid for her if we escape. Still, she is a hardy soul, and I know she will maintain. If I had another sister, I would like them to be like her.

Above anyone else, Jane has become like blood to me. While I realize her fussing over me is as much for her benefit as mine, it still kept me going during a dark time. And even as I shattered her heart at her feet she still stood by me. I don't deserve her devotion in the least- but I hope, one day, I will."

Yurika Misumaru
Champion Peacekeeper
Support Rank: A
"Hopeful. Foolish. But her knowledge of 'space' is very valuable. I hope I'm wrong.

Though she can be surprisingly brutal against people she doesn't like- though about as scary as a small dog. Still, she has natural charisma and leadership skills.

She didn't hide her suffering, like many of us, more so she has been able to take her past and make it part of her- that makes her kindness all the more a miracle.

If not for her unending kindness we all would have fallen on each other like wolves by now."

The Griffin
Champion of Fasting
Support Rank: C
"While he looks like the griffins in stories, he is no animal. Has an appreciation for learning, though he seems to think most humans are foolish. It shouldn't have ended this way. But he died doing what the rest of us were too cowardly to even try."

Champion Heretic
Support Rank: A
"*I can't decide if she is very shy, or utterly terrified. Though I suspect it's the latter. Still, her work ethic is almost awe inspiring- if I can help her expand her world even a little it will be worth the time and effort.

Something is breaking in her. She is becoming something different- but I can't say if the breaking will destroy her or birth something utterly new.

We have seen what she has become- harsher, more wary. But also loving. She is above all else now a survivor."

Natsuhi Ushiromiya
Champion of Pride
Support Rank: A
"Who would throw tea in her face?! Either way, she doesn't have much of a sense of humor. I understand, but with this many teenagers around she might have to stiffen up.

While her mood is very hard to get along with sometimes, she does seem to earnestly worry for us all... but after learning what happened to her family I fear for her. And us.

I've seen too many women like her in the court. Broken daughters and mothers forced to live in a cutthroat world that has been too unkind to them. If I can support her even a little then it will be worth the time to do so.

She is nothing like my mother- she has a harder hand for sure. But still, I can't help but feel something I haven't since I was very small. Her stubbornness rallied us all, and saved my life."

Shadow the Hedgehog
Champion of Promises
Support Rank: B
"Not the most social, but good at finding out information. A solid ally.

He has a level of pure earnest honor that I wish I could have.
A sad waste, I wish I could have learned more about his beliefs..."

Champion Flaming Swordsman
Support Rank: B
"A stern fellow with a natural authority. Also didn't mock me TOO much for my incident in the showers. He seems to have a lot of knowledge in combat, and isn't condescending when a younger buck like myself tries to challenge him. I wouldn't mind trying him again.

Being older then me, I feel I can express more of my worries to him then I can a lot of the others.

Margulis, you left too much."

Byakuya Togami
Champion Survivor
Support Rank: B
"A bit unpleasant, but not anything I'm not accustomed to. Unpleasant though he might be, he's clearly very smart- I'll be more comfortable only so long as he's working WITH us, not against us.

I can't say I LIKE him, but I respect his skill. And I do think he wants to escape, with us in tow hopefully.

He reminds me so much of Leo that it hurts.

We are far from close, but even I have noticed that he's... trying. I doubt he will ever be the type to share hugs and friendship speeches, but he is here with us regardless. Jane has faith in him, and so do I."

Jamison Jamie Fell
Overseer Champion Landscape Artist
Support Rank: A
"Bastard I think if he wasn't our kidnapper, we could have been friends. Was, for a time, a dear friend. I think I'll grieve for the Jamie I destroyed for the rest of my life. But because of him I have a life to grieve with- and it belongs to him now.

Bolton White
Overseer Champion Barista
Support Rank: B
"Bastard Still a bit of a bastard, but a clever bastard. I'm not letting that damned room go. I was wrong about him in so many ways. A dear friend, both as himself as as our secret ally. I did us all a grave injustice in taking him from the world too early."





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